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Stand Fast is officially on sale! (05/06/19)

After a phenomenal sell out gig last night, we are excited to announce you can now purchase our debut album!

Also available to stream on all major outlets.

The album launch has sold out! (04/07/19)

We have officially sold all of the available seats for tonight's gig. We are going to be selling a small number of additional standing tickets on the doors but there won't be many. 

The album launch is tomorrow! (03/07/19)

After a long wait we are finally ready to launch our album! Come along and see the full band play all 11 tracks.

Previous News

The albums have arrived! 28/06/19

The physical albums have arrived and they are stunning! They will be on sale as of 11:59pm on July 4th

The albums are being printed (07/06/19)

Our albums have been given a final check and are being printed! We should have the physical albums with us soon.

The album artwork has been finished! (04/06/19)

Working with Holly Mcnie Design, we've come up with a unique album cover that is inspired by our band aesthetic.

The album is finally ready! (12/05/19)

Our album has been completely recorded and mastered, we're currently preparing for the big launch! Follow us for more information!

We're working on something amazing! (19/03/19)

We've been busy working away in the studio with Mark Morrow Audio. Something beautiful is about to happen!

We'll be taking some time off to prepare for big changes! (02/12/19)

Going into the new year we'll be taking some time off to finish of an exciting project. Follow us for updates!


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